Presenter. Compere. Entrepreneur. Founder of The Albert Conversations. An interesting sales person and a very curious lady hehehe.

I’ve spent my entire life doing things a little bit differently than what's expected. I guess you have too, haven’t you? #winks.

My brief story about TAC began many years ago when I discussed it with my late father (too delicate to share) but it came to fruition after my resignation as a presenter from one of the top radio stations in Abuja, my loved ones worried for me but I had a dream bigger than my favorite big hairstyle hence the decision. Bagged with some money in my bank account, an idea that was burning in my heart, my desire to enhance I and my siblings entrepreneurial skills, my faith and my sales skills, TAC came to life.

Did I hear you ask if I was worried?

Oh yes!! Not only was I worried, I had sleepless nights and the fear of the unknown came swooshing in like an army of fun - killing dream squashers. Oh, did they bopped me hard but I prayed like I had never done before, shut my mind to naysayers, did a lot of research, trips and reached out to someone I respect for more clarity then I raised more money and conducted the first edition. (There’s more to this story)

I made mistakes here and there but I was thankful and guess what, I didn’t have a team. I remember crying all through the event because in attendance were 169 people instead of 700 people as planned or should I say the hall permitted. I felt aside my siblings, more people needed to listen to the amazing speakers on stage that day and I worked my socks off. Pheew.


I am stronger, bolder and happier. During our 3 rd edition, we had over 1000 entrepreneurs in attendance. I am still in awe. To think we are just brushing the surface. What gladden my heart are the success stories we receive from time to time from some attendees that started one business or another or gained clarity to achieve a business or financial goal.
As a person, I am still growing and evolving just like you, I still have a lot to learn. That is why we will strive to get the best consultants and business leaders on our stage to keep equipping you, me and ofcourse my siblings. Permit me to leave you with three of my favorite quotes.

• There is always a way.
• Our Words are powerful.
• I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason and intellect has intended us to forgo their use. Galileo Galilei (1564 - 1642).